Hi I’m Heather, owner and founder of BodyLove.  I’m a wife, a mother, a coffee addict, and I have this really interesting gift……..I’m an intuitive. That’s the term I’ve settled on right now. I don’t love the term psychic. It makes me think of a woman with a turban on her head who is staring in to a crystal ball and telling you that you will be taking a vacation in the future and for another $20 she’ll tell you where.  That’s not me. I don’t look good in a turban and I don’t own a crystal ball. I do love helping people find happiness and fulfillment though.

 bad psychic

Since I can remember, I have been able to communicate with angels and people on the other side, or spirits as most people refer to them as.  Angels and spirits are different, very different! Spirits are people who have passed away and Angels are higher beings that are here to help us.  I’ve always been able to hear, feel and see them, I remember being surprised that other people didn’t have a room feel of spirits and angels every night when they were trying to go to sleep.  Well turns out you all do, some people just aren’t quite as aware of them as I am.

When I was a kid, my gifts scared me. I didn’t understand them and I thought that they were somehow wrong. It seemed to scare everyone when I brought it up.  I had a family member that was intuitive as well and she was an awful person who was in to dark things.  I didn’t want to be like her!  I decided to try and ignore this part of myself and I did my best to for a long time, until I became a mother.



There’s something about being a mom that makes you more intuitive. Mother’s intuition is such a strong thing and a form of reading energy that is totally accepted by society (one of the few!).  Because I was allowing myself to use that part of my intuition, it was like I kicked my abilities in to high gear.  I couldn’t shut them off and it was becoming increasingly difficult to hide them.

After the birth of my second son I hit a lovely patch of postpartum depression. Things were tough.  I had two babies under 2, I had no money and lots of debt, I was lost on the path of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life (what I had always thought was not it!), I was insecure and afraid to be myself, I felt guilty doing anything for me and I was trying to hide a big part of who I was.


All of this culminated in to what a lot of people refer to as a “dark night of the soul”.  Mine was less of a night and more a sudden snap.  Something inside me couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I was put here to do big things and live a life full of fun and happiness and I was not doing it. I looked over at my kids and was suddenly filled with a rush of bravery.  I made a promise to them right there and then that I would do whatever it took to find happiness and fulfillment. They deserved a mom who was at her best.  I wanted to live by example to them. I wanted them to grow up to be happy, fulfilled, successful people.

 My husband and I made a deal that night. We were going to live an amazing life and show our kids that if you work hard, anything is possible. We decided to chase our dreams and change our lives. We now live in our dream home,  no longer have a mountain of debt (barely any actually) and are both running our own businesses that we love! We have happiness coming out of our eyeballs.


 To get here, I had to work hard. I had to do something that requires more bravery than anything else in the world. I had to be myself.  I had to let that real, authentic, raw version of myself out. I had to accept her and I had to share her with the world.  It was scary. There were moments when I didn’t think I could do it.  “I’m really going to tell people that I talk to angels and that it’s my purpose in life to use that gift to help people! What will people think!? They will judge me! They will think I’m silly or making it up or trying to trick people! AHHHH!”

You get comfortable with it after awhile. When people ask you what you do for a living you become OK with the funny look that comes across their face when you say it. You become OK with people saying bad things about you and judging you. You never like it but it doesn’t really sting so much after awhile.  You just have to be OK with who you are.  It just takes a few people telling you that you helped them change their lives or inspired them to make all of that negative stuff seem so small and unimportant.  Once you are through that it’s amazing to look back on how afraid you were of that and how small it seems now.



BodyLove has evolved along with me. As I grow and shift and change, it comes with me.  I started BodyLove as a fitness business that focused on helping women with positive body image.  I still feel passionate about that!   I love helping people find happiness and fulfillment.  I love helping them find balance and power and connecting the Body, Mind and Spirit together harmoniously.  BodyLove has evolved in to a center for Spiritual Wellness and Natural Health.  I’m a big believer in natural things that help your body find balance. I love essential oils, nutrition, meditation, crystals and lots of other things that promote a natural and holistic way of living. I’m big in to the spiritual life and I love making that accessible, real and fun for other people.

 My favorite thing to do is to connect people to their angels and bring them messages that will help them live their best life.  I love doing spiritual strategy sessions or coaching programs and seeing people grow and change. I can’t imagine a more rewarding thing than being able to hand someone the tools to make their lives amazing and then watching them use them to do just that.  I get to do that everyday and I’m filled with so much gratitude for it!


To all of you out there searching, evolving, trying to get yourself unstuck, looking for a more natural and spiritual way of living, wanting to live by your own rules, looking to connect to something bigger than yourself and looking to not just survive this life but really live it to it’s fullest potential……Welcome! You are my people, my tribe, my inspiration and my motivation. Let’s rock this life together!



Lots of LOVE,