Need Some Guidance?

Have a problem? A goal you're trying to reach? Something you're trying to manifest? A decision you're trying to make?

Need some support figuring out a dream, some intuitive information you got, an experience you had that you could use some clarity on?

Want a quick but detailed answer emailed right to you, with some awesome, customized tools to help you?  

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How It Works

Send in your question, situation, issue, etc. I'll tap in and then send you some help via email! Within 48 hours!  

Here's some of the awesome stuff you'll get:

Audio Recording

I'll make an audio recording for you that describes what I picked up intuitively for you plus some advice and things to do to move through successfully.  

The audio can be saved and also convienently listened to anytime, anywhere.  

Indicia Reading

I'll use my Indicia method to muscle test and get 3 essential oils that will help you with your specific issue.  

You'll received the name of the oils plus some insight in to how to best use them for success.

Custom Chosen Meditation 

I'll even send you a meditation from my personal library that I feel will help you best move through and deal.  

If I don't find one I like, I'll make you one! 

Here's How To Get Yours:

Upon sign up you'll be emailed a form to fill out. Write your question, issue or situation in detail to me and I'll send you back all this good stuff within 48 hours!  

About Me:

Heather Wood Embody Love 

Heather is a Speaker, Spiritual Strategist, Womenpreneur, Spiritual Rebel, Mom, Wife, Coffee Addict, and Lover of Love.  

She has a passion and a gift for getting people "Unstuck" by using her intuitive abilities and experience as a coach and teacher. She specializes in helping people heal their past, inspire their present and design their future.  

A self proclaimed "wildflower", she especially loves to help people own who they are.