Open Your Box Of Magic & Get To Work

Hey Free Spirit!  

  • If living your best life includes things like crystals, angel cards, essential oils and yoga....  
  • If you love tools that help you fly your witchy, hippie, earthy, healer, boho, rebel, goddess flag....  
  • If you totally dig exploring, learning and improving yourself.....  
  • And if you love the idea of having a box full of tools intuitively chosen for you.... 

  Get your fill with the Hippie Shake! 

Let's shake things up with a box full magic!

Here are some examples of the magic you might find in your box!

Crystals & Gemstones We let the gems choose you. We tune in to see which ones connect with you best energetically.

Angel Card/Message Your angels have a message for you, we'll tune in and put the right one in your box.  

Yoga Moves Enhance your yoga practice with intuitively chosen yoga moves to help you connect body, mind and spirit 

Essential Oil Blends Therapeutic grade essential oils put in a custom blend just for you.

***And sooo much more!!! We shake things up and bring new surprises with every box!

How It Works

Choose From These Awesome Options. Every Box Is Different & Chosen Just For You! Makes A Great Gift Too!

3 Months


Get a Hippie Shake Box shipped to you once a month for 3 months.  


6 Months

Get a Hippie Shake Box shipped to you once a month for 6 months.


12 Months 

Get a Hippie Shake Box shipped to you once a month for 12 months!

Super Savings!


Try One

Try 1 Hippie Shake Box and see how you like it!


About Us

Hi!! It's the Hippie Shake crew here! We are a mother and daughter team who love all things spiritual, witchy, hippie, earthy,etc.  

Lynne Silva (or mom) is the owner of Rebel Spirit Yoga and the director or the BodyLove Wellness Center. She's a yogi with a fierce knowledge of crystals, an aromatherapist in training, a yoga and pilates instructor and lover or nature. Lynne has a passion and talent for helping people feel comfortable trying new a yoga class!! 

Heather Wood is the owner of Embody Love. She is a Speaker, Spiritual Strategist, Womenpreneur, Spiritual Rebel, Mom, Wife, Coffee Addict, and Lover of Love. She has a passion and a gift for getting people "Unstuck" by using her intuitive abilities and experience as a coach and teacher. She specializes in helping people heal their past, inspire their present and design their future. A self proclaimed "wildflower", she especially loves to help people own who they are.

Contact & Other Important Info:

Questions? Comments?  

Please feel free to email us at: or 

Shipping Info: *Please note that we ship your first box out to you right away and then send each consecutive box at the beginning of the next month. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.