Today’s date is 1/11.

So New Years day is so exciting and a great time for new starts, but to me 1/11 is even better.

The number 1, especially in sequence is representative of new beginnings and new blessings. A lot of people take a little time around the beginning of the new year to think about what they want  What their goals are for the year ahead and the kinds of changes they want to bring.

I love that energy, but….it tends to wear off quickly if you don’t know how to really make goals work.  There’s a process, and it’s far deeper than just stating something. It’s much more than appears on the surface and it takes certain steps to make it happen.

There is something magical about 1/11 on the calendar because it feels like that blind resolution energy fades and some beautiful clarity and awareness comes in.  As if the Universe is nudging you and saying, “Go deeper with that”.

I’m finishing up my notes for this weekends Rise Retreat, such awesome timing for newness! I was working on my presentation for how to actually make goals happen in your life when a ladybug buzzed by my face.  It’s winter here in New England so that’s an odd sight, but it made perfect sense to me.

Ladybugs represent good luck and abundance.  To me it was a reminder of how the Universe is always rooting for you. It’s always helping you get where you want to be, bringing you luck and cheering you on.  It might not feel that way all the time but trust me, everything is a lesson, a sign, a guidepost, leading you where you’re asking to go.

You are designing your life.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you are the designer.  The Universe is responding to you.  Take a deep breath on this magical 1/11 and use this “new beginnings energy” to decide to become more aware of this.

In the spirit of new beginnings and blessings, I’ve opened up two spots to this weekends retreat. This retreat sold out in 3 days! Because of life circumstances, 2 people can’t make it.  I’m a believer that the people who are meant to be there will be there so I’m trusting the Universe on this one.  I’m throwing this out there in case you might be meant to be there with us.

This retreat is all about Rising! Rising to be your best self, rising above your own limitations and rising to the call the Universe keeps placing to you.  Asking you to find and step in to that purpose of yours. Are you hearing the ringing? Are you ready to answer.  Take it from someone who ignored that ringing for years…..pure magic awaits when you answer the call.  Your whole life changes, your perspective shifts and it’s a beautiful thing.  Are you ready?

If you think that call might be for you, let me know. Shoot me an email or a message. I’m happy to discuss it with you.

Remember to look for the magic.  Remember to choose happiness.  We just recently had a big snowstorm and I noticed something.  A LOT of people chose to see the negative in that.  Why? You have no control over the weather, feeling badly about it is a choice you’re making.  You could chose to feel happy, appreciate the magic and how lucky you are to have safe shelter.  It’s all a choice, why choose negative when you could experience positive?

Are you saying yes to happiness and going for it or are you saying yes to fear and staying still? It’s all a choice.

Cheers to choosing happiness. Cheers to bringing awareness to your choices and cheers to you!
Happy 1/11.  May blessings and new beginnings be all around you!

Lots of LOVE,

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