Ever have those moments when you think “If only I could go back and tell my 16 year old self that it will all make sense one day….”

I’m having that moment right now.  I just led my first spiritual retreat this past weekend and WOW! Something about the 20 shiny, beautiful souls who were there to Rise and grow and expand had a profound effect on me.  Their gorgeous lights shining in the room, pushing aside fears, jumping over obstacles and supporting each other still makes me tear up.   I shared with these beautiful souls my life lesson, challenge and purpose, and yes they are the same thing.

I’ve named it Shiny Square Peg Syndrome.  My whole life, I have felt like a square peg trying to fit in to the round hole that everyone around me seemed to fit in to with ease.  I never fit in, anywhere! In fact I stood out (that’s where the shiny comes from).  Even in times of trying desperately to fade in to the crowd, I never could.  The thing about standing out is that it makes you a target.  Other people don’t like the attention that gets you and treat you poorly because of it.

My whole life changed after one small, but monumental mind set shift.  Instead of thinking that my shiny square peg-ness was what made me not good enough, or lesser or that there was something wrong with me……I started seeing it as my gift.  An important part of my purpose and what I was hear to give the world.  This shift didn’t happen open night friends, but let me tell you, it changed everything.

So there I was, in front of 20 beautiful souls, using my shiny square peg energy to help them Rise to the next level of their lives. To help them change their own mindsets and embrace who they are.  Giving them tools to divinely design their lives.   Trippy Stuff guys!  I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced the energy of a group of amazing people rising, but it is PURE MAGIC!

Holding space for a group of people in that capacity takes a lot out of you! I’m recharging, refueling, reflecting and baby….I’m ready to bring you more!  My inspiration tank is full and I’m ready to go!  I’ve been resting, doing yoga and easing back in to the swing so I can serve you with more tools.  Man, do I love what I do!

So many of you have asked me if I’ll do another Retreat and my answer is of course YES! I’m planning one for May. This one will have a focus on Purpose (and is tentatively named that).  I’ll have more details for you over the next month or so.  My hope is to nail down a date and a place by the end of February.

*UPDATE: Here’s All The Info For Our Next Retreat!! CLICK HERE!

So much love to you!

Shine those beautiful lights! Embrace who you are! Shiny Square Pegs Unite!

Shine On!

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