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Private 60 Minute Sessions To Help You Move Forward, Get Unstuck, Set and Achieve Your Goals, Shine As Your Authentic Self and Find That Bigger Thing Calling To You!

Hi! I'm Heather

I'm an Intuition & Ego Teacher and I'm obsessed with helping people LOVE their lives and SHINE their unique and beautiful light in to the world and.... I'm on a mission to give intuition a PR makeover. I'm a wanna be mermaid with the mouth of a sailor, I'm allergic to doing anything the same way other people do, I'm a mom, wife and coffee addict and people with big dreams and big hearts are my favorite.

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How are intuition and ego working in your life right now? How much is your conditioning effecting you and how much are you being the real authentic you? Understanding this is KEY to moving forward. This kit is AWESOME and it's FREE and it will get you started! 

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