Can Being Happy Put You In Danger?

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020


“Your Mom’s going to be in the hospital for awhile. She’s really sick. Be good and take care of your little brother.”  Did my happiness cause that moment to happen? 7 year old me decided it did.  It caused me to spend years fearing that being happy without being prepared for something bad to happen at any moment was dangerous.  I call this the Happiness Conflict and chances are you are suffering from your own version of it.

The happiness conflict is a belief that being too happy or content for a steady period of time will cause something bad to happen. In other words, if things get too good or feel easy for a minute, you start fearing that something bad is going to happen, as if that state of happiness is dangerous.  As if it’s calling something bad to you.

Think for a moment; have you ever felt really happy for a few minutes and then suddenly riddled with fear that something bad was going to happen?  Have you ever...

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Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2020

New Years Resolutions, or any goal for that matter, fail for one basic reason.  Now this reason is basic in nature, in fact I can tell it to you in 3 words, I can explain it to you in a few paragraphs.  However, don’t let the simplicity make you feel bad for having fallen victim to it in the past.  In fact, according to US News & World Report, 80% of New Years Resolutions fail! 


So should you skip them this year? Nope...set those resolutions baby, just learn why they’ve failed before and then use my tips to not fall victim again.


The reason New Years Resolutions fail is......

Fear overpowers Desire.


What does that mean?  You have two main forces influencing your life: your intuition and your ego.  They are meant to work in balance with each other.  Think of your life as a cup.  Your intuition’s job is to pour in to the cup with experiences and feelings and adventure.  It’s the living part...

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