The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Is Holding You Captive

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

Dear Angels,

My people are trapped in a deception like sleep and some days I feel helpless in my efforts to wake them up.  I know I signed up for this, I know it’s my purpose here but some days I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job.  I am just a human myself, I too struggle with being held captive.  The freedom has to be fought for every damn day. 


My people have been sold a lie.  A magnificent ruse, a deception so artfully and skillfully crafted that I revel in its brilliance.  They took a fundamental truth, flipped it around and sold it.  This ultimate treachery costs my people their freedom....and they don’t even realize they are caged.


They have been sold the idea of light and darkness in reverse.  Humans work hard to be “good” and live in the light.  They don’t realize that what they think is the light is really the dark.  They work to avoid and rise above the “evil” or darkness.  They don’t realize that they are shunning the light.  They fight to be good and worthy by avoiding and distrusting all their instincts.  They forget that they are already those things. They don't see that by rejecting their instincts and urges they reject the light. 


My people live under the idea of good and evil.  They are taught that these are polarities.  That there is pure good and pure evil and little in between.  Even with so many holes poked in this story, people are still ruled by it. The concept of good and evil as two separate forces is too simple. My people know it isn’t right but they struggle with leaving behind such a simple story for the more complicated truth.

Good. We are taught that good is living your life by someone else’s story, someone else’s standard.  It’s something to be attained.  You are not must do things to earn good.  Good is outside of you.  Good is rewarded with approval.  Good is ignoring your urges and instincts, rejecting what feels good and right, belittling joy and fulfillment and opting instead for a state of constant fear, unhappiness and feeling less than.  A feeling of disempowered weakness that you must endure without complaining.  What is allowed to make you happy has strict rules and no pleasure is allowed to exist without shame.  They believe this is the good. They believe this is the light.  They don’t realize it is the very definition of the dark.


Evil. Imagine believing that every instinct you have, every desire that arises, every longing you experience is evil? That’s what we are taught. So we infer that by having these desires to feel joy, pleasure, fulfillment, purpose, happiness, create a unique life that is exciting and filled with adventure.....that makes us evil.  Our ultimate human flaw....wanting to enjoy our lives, know and be ourselves and live by what feels good. The very light in us, the very good we are created with....falsified.  Minds able to create, bodies able to feel, hearts able to emote...we are tricked in to seeing this as evil.  The light in us is sold to us as darkness.


Now I know that you think we will wake up because this feels so intuitively wrong to all of us. We all know it isn’t a truth but we keep choosing to stay asleep.  We keep looking away from breaking free of it. We keep our consciousness buried in the sand despite knowing we are tricked by some of the greatest illusionists of all time.  But you must understand that this conditioning runs our world and to take back our lives we must start a revolution.  We must begin feeling and thinking for ourselves again but those muscles are atrophied.


I don’t know the inception of this great fraud but I do know that it is born out of the desire to hoard power.  I know it began hundreds and hundreds of years ago because the institutions that promote it have been gaining and protecting this power for so long that I have trouble seeing back through my ancestral line far enough to find someone free of it.  I’m told there was a time, but I can’t find it. I dream of it often but my waking self finds it hard to conjure up.


If you want to have power over people, rise to the top and keep everyone from sharing in your abundance, you must figure out how to diminish an instinctual and vital element to the human spirit......empowerment.  The idea that you are powerful and capable. That you are  are a piece of divinity yourself.  You have the ability to create the life you want.  You are a human being. Being is right in the title.  It’s the being that must be controlled if you want to hoard  riches and power.


The truth that riches and power are abundant and available to everyone has been squelched. This had to have been born in a person who couldn’t find their own power. They felt like they had to steal it from everyone else.  This empathy I’m saddled with makes me feel for that person. Was my soul here when it started? Was I on the right side of that fight? Did I not see the dire consequences of letting that drop of darkness spread in to the illness it’s become? 


Imagine being taught that your life is about trying to be someone else.  Live by someone else’s guidelines.  Constantly compare the way you are living to the way someone else lived, to the guidelines that someone else found right for their life.  Failure to do this well enough will result in an eternity of torture.  Do it well enough and you’ll have an eternity of peace and happiness.  And we wonder why people are so afraid to be themselves? Why people are so caught up with gaining approval. It’s the foundation of what our culture calls faith. It is the ultimate theft of power.  It is the greatest ego trap ever created. It is the foundation for all these cages.


I work hard but I feel small in comparison to the big organizations keeping this fraud in place.  I try so hard to fix the damage. My people see intuition, the very guide to their own light, as darkness.  It’s been given the reputation of fortune telling and sorcery.  It’s been presented as a parlor trick, used to disempower the very thing that will lead to the light.  It’s the key out of the cage.  It’s right in their pockets, but they’ve been told to distrust it. It’s reputation so wrongly presented and varnished that the people stay in the cage and don’t even attempt to free themselves.  It’s heart breaking.


The ego is so over worked in my people that fear has become synonymous with breathing.  The fear that you are not enough or that you are too much....the idea that you can not must killing my people.  We kill each other over it. 


Living in darkness packaged as light has caused so much damage.  Living in captivity is so painful.  The mania, the depression, anxiety and yearning for a freedom you’re too afraid to achieve is everywhere. My heart hurts daily because of it. It’s like a tidal wave that keeps crashing. 


The thing that keeps me going is that some of these humans are clearly warriors. Their spirits unable to stay asleep. Something deep inside stirring them to wake up. To see the facade, to acknowledge the cage. They fight, they choose to move through the discomfort, the fear and to accept the truth of what’s really going on. They keep me going. They are the fuel in a tank that feels often like it runs on empty.  I need more of them to trust they can survive outside of the cage.


My people are hurting.  They fill their days with distraction...distraction from the truth that they live in a cage and that captivity is eating away at their soul. Distraction is easier than the painful truth.  The constant need to feel “worthy” and fear of not getting approval has allowed things like racism, sexism and other crimes against humanity to feel like allowable atrocities.  We look away, we see ourselves as different instead of the same.  We don’t fight for each other, we choose sides and stay distracted by fighting for who’s right.  Nobody is right, it’s all very wrong.


Help me encourage my people to question every thing.  To look for all the places this fraud is promoted. To doubt any system that promotes the lie. To take back their freedom. To see they are divine, they are the light. Their light is their desires, their darkness is their doubt in their own worthiness.  The more doubt they have, the dimmer they shine.  I’m tired of clouded beauty and dimmed divinity.


Please show me how to fight for them.  Please help me uncage my imprisoned people. Help me get them the message. Help me undo the lies. Help us transform this world.  Help me stay brave enough to fight.  I may be a small fire but I burn for their freedom every day.


Love and Light,






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