What Is Indicia?

Indicia means: signs and indications.

Your body is a magical, intuitive machine that is always trying to communicate to you what it needs for support, healing and optimal function.  

Our physical and energetic bodies are in constant contact, communicating and being affected by each other at every moment. Imagine if there was an easy way to be able to tap in yourself to these signs and indications?  

That’s how we felt, that’s why we created Indicia.

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Indicia Works By Combining Two Of Our Favorite Things:
Essential Oils & Intuition!


Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are considered the “life blood” of a plant. We believe that whatever the ailment, the cure exists somewhere in nature. Essential oils are a fantastic natural tool for supporting your body. Rather than treating or masking symptoms your body is giving you, essential oils will help your body with the real “cause” issue, allowing it to support itself back to optimal function. We dig that baby! 

It’s important to note that not all essential oils are created equally. In fact we only use and recommend one brand in particular. Their standards and practices are so above and beyond that we wouldn’t think about using a different kind. (We’ll happily tell you which one, just ask. We’re also happy to help you get them.) Do your research and only use therapeutic grade essential oils made by a company that you have researched. We cannot stress the importance of this enough! We have more info on essential oils in the Indicia course and we are also always happy to answer questions in the Indicia Facebook Group.

Let's Talk Intuition

Did you know that by using certain indication methods, you can get a clear and precise intuitive message from your body? Your body knows what it needs to heal, you just need to learn to tap in to the messages!  

The Indicia method offers you 3 such methods to tap and receive these methods, all of which have video demonstrations.

We’ve also made this testing really easy for you by creating special charts to consult, cutting way down on time and effort in finding out which oil your body is requesting. 

In addition, we have a list of questions to get you started on using the method. We frequently add new charts and new question ideas to this course!

Start Using Indicia Today!

We make it easy to learn and use this method. We break it down in to 3 Lessons with detailed descriptions, videos and audio all at your fingertips. We even include a special meditation to help you connect to your bodies signals more efficiently PLUS the exclusive Indicia Facebook Community where you can connect with other Indicia users, get your questions answered by the creators and participate in fun challenges and offers.

With Indicia.....

Skill Level

Whatever your intuitive skill level, Indicia will work for you! We use ancient, tried and true methods that anyone can learn and everyone can use! 

If you're new to essential oils, we are happy to offer you guidance and help learning that medium as well! 

If you're an experienced oiler, this method will take the overwhelm out of choosing oils and allow you more tools for getting the most out of your oil experience. 

Go Further

We even offer courses on becoming an Indicia Certified Practioner (if you have an oil business you need to ask us about this! It's a game changer!) Keep an eye out for more info!


We are offering all this for just $99!  
That gives you lifetime access to this amazing method!


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The Creators

Heather Wood
Embody Love  

Heather is a Speaker, Spiritual Strategist, Womenpreneur, Spiritual Rebel, Mom, Wife, Coffee Addict, and Lover of Love. She has a passion and a gift for getting people "Unstuck" by using her intuitive abilities and experience as a coach and teacher. She specializes in helping people heal their past, inspire their present and design their future. A self proclaimed "wildflower", she especially loves to help people own who they are.

Aspen Robinson
August Knox Nomad  

Aspen is an Emotion Code Practioner (more like magical unicorn) who helps people heal their trapped emotions so they can take their lives to the next level. She is a travel obsessed, change loving, nomad, off to see the world & find the joy makers, explorer of life. She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to symbolism, ancient cultures, and emotions. She is a gifted healer, teacher and speaker.


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