Life Changers

6 Months of Lessons, Support & Up-Leveling

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Life Changers

6 Months of Lessons, Support & Up-Leveling

Your Next Level

Is Calling 

If there was ever a time to embrace transformation, it's now.

Ever Felt Like:


Something's Missing

Life is good but there's a piece missing, something feels unfufilled

Meant For More

You were meant to do more, be more, have more. Mediocrity doesn't fit right.

In The Way

You want to get out of your own way and be the real you. 
It's time.

*Heal Your Past
*Inspire Your Present
*Design Your Future

Ready to find a deeper understanding of how the Universe works? How you work? What's holding you back? Let's do it!

Are You Sick Of Feeling:

  • Stuck

  • Unhappy

  • Guilty

  • Unfulfilled

  • Envious Of Others

  • Frustrated

  • Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin

  • Lost

I Have Been There Before!

I have felt the pain of feeling stuck and the frustration of feeling like it’s nearly impossible to change your life and do the great things you were put here to do. 

I have made it my life’s mission to help other people move out of this too and be empowered to change their lives! 

Your life can be all you want it to be! I’m here to help you get there!

The Big 3

I've found that many amazing empathic souls, that are here to shine brightly and make an impact on the world struggle with something I call The Big 3 Effect. This is the belief that they cannot have the three major areas in their life thriving together at the same time. Instead of harmony and balance they experience fear and self-doubt when it comes to having the total package. 

This One Of  A Kind
Program Will......

Educate and support you through discovering and removing
your own limitations, learning mindset mastery,
expanding and evolving with spiritual lessons and a
deeper connection to yourself
and Universe/God/Higher Power.

How Would It Feel To Be Divinely Designing
Your Life Instead Of Feeling Like Life Was
Just Happening To You?


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Each Week You'll Receive Amazing Tools Ready For You To Take Advantage Of.

  • Lessons, Stories And Expansion Work To Read, Journal And Think About


  • An Angel Exercise For Connection And Growth EVERY WEEK!


  • Audio Lessons (short and sweet but packed with lots of great info and easy to listen to while driving, cooking or getting ready)

I'm Here To Personally Coach You Along The Way

  • Private Sessions! You Get Three 60 minute Sessions and Three 30 minute sessions to be used when you need them. 

  • Email Support If You Get Stuck Or Need Some Extra Support/Guidance/

  • Live Online "Office Hours".  Every week there will be designated times you can pop in to a Zoom meeting to ask me questions or share about your progress and even get a card pulled for you!

  • Access To Me In Our Exclusive Life Changers Facebook Group

Be A Part Of An Amazing Group!

  • This Connection Is Only Something You'll Find In A Small Group! 

  • You'll Be Working On The Same Things With Like Minded People and Be Supporting and Sharing With Each Other Along The Way!

  • Many Life Changers Go On To Not Just Friendships But Working Together!







Space Is Limited!

I cap each class at 11 at the most so don't wait! Grab your spot before it's gone!

I Wanted This To Be In Reach For You So I've Made It As Affordable As Possible!!

You won't find anything like this in this price range, especially with one on one support!

Pay In Full And Save

$2,999 Total

  • Save $200 Just By Paying In Full
  • Grab The Early Bird Discount and Save $200 More!
  • Most Programs Like This Have Another Zero At The End! 

Monthly Payment Option


  • Put Down a Deposit and Then Pay the Rest Over the 6 Months.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty So Pay Off Early If You Want!
  • Take Advantage Of The Early Bird Discount and Save $200!
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Have Questions?

Want to know if this program makes sense for you right now, with what you have going on? We''ll chat about what it can do for you and how it can fit in to your life.

Schedule A FREE (yep totally FREE) 30 minute phone session with me to discuss! 

No pressure, just conversation! I really believe that the right people will feel called to this program and it will feel right for them so I'm not hitting you with a sales call, I really just want you to have the information you need to make your decision. 

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